North Carolina Hunting Lodge

Occoneechee Lodge

Welcome to Occoneechee lodge. We’re the oldest hunting lodge in the area; offering guided hunts since 1989. We are unique in several ways and offer the most liberal bag limit, managed and unmanaged areas, and three full days or six full days of hunting.

The History Behind the Occoneechee North Carolina hunting Lodge & Grounds

Longview Plantation was built in the 1800s right outside of Garysburg, NC in an area known as Occoneechee Neck. Its a two story, wood frame and sided home that has been in the family since it was built. 

Thomas Williams Mason was a lawyer and cotton planter who conducted the bulk of his professional activities in and around the town of Garysburg, Northampton County, N.C. After his discharge from the Confederate Army in 1865, Mason took up residence with his wife’s family at Longview Plantation, outside Garysburg, and from there supervised both his own planting interests and those of his father-in-law, William Henry Gray. In the years after 1877, Mason was active in state and local politics and as lawyer in Northampton County. In the latter part of his life, Mason often acted as a collections agent for various grocers and purveyors of dry goods in the region. Thomas Williams Mason’s papers consist mostly of letters from various cotton factors and requests for legal and collections assistance from various clients.

There are also a few items relating to Mason’s service on the North Carolina Railroad Commission; some letters addressed to William Henry Gray, mostly relating to sales of cotton and the purchase of various agricultural supplies; and documents addressed to Mason’s grandson, Willie Jones Long. The latter relate to a bond issue and plans for construction of a road in Occoneechee Township, N.C.

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